Wednesday, 16 August 2017

A Level Results Day - keep a cool head: Michael Doherty, Head of Careers

The third Thursday in August is awaited with a mixture of eager anticipation and apprehensive dread by all Sixth Form students – A Level Results Day.

It is very important to keep a cool head and make rational decisions on a day of such frenetic activity.  Here are a few points to keep in mind:

·         1. Have access to the internet and a phone on the day
·         2.Ensure you have your UCAS ID Number and access codes easily accessible
·         3.Check your results as early as possible to enable you to act quickly if necessary
·         4. Constantly check UCAS Track – sometimes, even if you haven’t achieved your offer grades, you can receive a place from your Firm Choice or Insurance Choice
·         5. Ensure you have signed up to the UCAS Clearing contact list so universities can contact you if you are in Clearing

If you have achieved the grades for your CF offer, confirm acceptance via UCAS Track and find out whether any further information is required.   If you are in the fortunate position to exceed your expectations and grades, you can put yourself forward for ‘Adjustment’ and contact other universities to ask about possible places available.  You have 5 days to find an alternative acceptable offer.  You might achieve the grades for your insurance offer, in which case you can either confirm acceptance via UCAS Track or, if you are having second thoughts, consider a Gap Year and reapply or find a similar course at a preferred university through Clearing.  Finally, if you don’t achieve the required grades for either offer but are still keen to go to university, you can apply through Clearing and then await confirmation via UCAS Track.  

 1. Delay – Start early and if you have no offers, act quickly to identify alternative options
·         2. Make arrangements or organise to work on the day – you may need time to resolve problems
·         3. Request a marks review of your papers without checking the grade boundaries and with your HoD first
·         4. Rush into hasty decisions and commit yourself to an option that you are not totally sure about
·         5. Ignore the help that is available at school: The Careers Department via phone or email, The Exams Officer via phone or email or Heads of Department via email

Finally, remember that deciding on a university course is a big decision so it is important that you don’t panic if you don’t get the grades you need and think clearly about whether that particular university or course is going to be right for you.

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